Protect Yourself With Click Computer’s PPP Plan

  • Identity Protection

  • Comprehensive Backups

    (Phones, Computers, Tablets)

  • Security Protection Software

    (Anti-malware and Anti-Virus)

  • Bi-Annual Checkups

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Hackers are targeting you right now. Do not be the victim.

Protect yourself from all forms of electronic fraud with the PPP Plan from Click Computers

Defense against Hackers, Viruses, Identity Theft, Tech Support Scams

Click Computers PPP Plan is the only comprehensive program that can keep you and your information safe and protected.

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Do NOT be fooled –
The bad guys are targeting you.

Our browser guards actively protect you from scams like this that want to take advantage of your trusting nature.

The Click Computer’s PPP Plan protects from ever seeing or accidentally clicking on scams like this.

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Your information is under assault from all directions.

You can have your information stolen when you didn’t even do anything wrong. So how do you protect yourself when you didn’t do anything wrong?

The PPP Plan from Click Computers covers your frontside, your backside, and all the other sides that you didn’t even know that you needed to protect.

We back up our PPP Plan with a $1M compensation guarantee. You have access to 24 hour a day resolution team with Native English Speaking agents to help you.

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An added layer of protection

As an added layer of protection the PPP Plan includes a backup of all of your information and digital keepsakes.” This protects you in case there is a physical loss of equipment (Stolen phone or computer, lost, broken, or any other reason for data loss), from your phone(s), tablet(s), and computer(s). (Up to 5 devices)

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Lost Wallet Service

In the event that your wallet is lost or stolen you have just one phone number to remember. Click Computer’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Recovery Service Hotline. We will take care of cancelling or pausing your credit cards, debit cards, and personal information protection.

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To get started we just need a little information (We will keep it securely of course). One of our security specialists will reach out to you, over the phone, to verify your information and get any additional details to get you protected