Click Computers; tech support Georgetown, wants you to know that were here for you. We have 45 years of experience and we want you to know that we are local, fast, and easy-going. Technology can be confusing and aggravating. We have experienced technicians, that can diagnose the problem and explain to you in great detail what it is. Want to make sure that you fully understand what happened and what caused the issue. He will work fast and efficiently, to make sure we can get your device back to you in a timely manner.

Tech support Georgetown offers over eight different services, and we still cannot diagnose the problem will have one of our senior tech support troubleshoot it. We offer 24 seven remote support, monitoring, maintenance, through data recovery, and password reset, or removal. We will not be finished until you have hundred percent satisfaction with your service and computer. We want you know that you are in safe hands, and we will protect you and your information.

The back story about us, our business originated from a high school entrepreneur. He loved to work on computers and he would fix and repair the pre-computers in his community. As well as, teach people about the new age of technology. Then Kevin sapp came, and bought the company. He was able to move the company to the next level. He took the original owners love for his community and made it apart of his mission. We want to be able to give back to our community, just like they’ve given back to us. We want to have personal and professional relationships with all of our clients. And make you know that you are in safe hands.

The first time customers, veterans, first-time remote support all receive 10% off of our Tech Support Georgetown! We also offer our PPP protection plan. His protection plan protects you from all forms of electrical fraud, hackers, virus, identity theft, scams, and pop-ups. This protection plan is protection for both sides. It also helps backup any digital keepsakes. In case you lost the physical copy of your phone tablet or computer. As a bonus, they offer a lost wallet service. In case you lose your wallet; or worse, it stolen. You can call our recovery service hotline 24 seven. We will take care of canceling or even just pausing any personal credit, debit cards and personal information.

You have any questions or concerns or you want to get a quote of our services or our PPE protection plans. You’re always welcome to join us at our website. Our website is Or if you would rather contact us by phone, we have an amazing live representative to help you with any or all of your needs. Our telephone number is (512)868-9105. We look forward to helping you with any and all computer needs. Don’t be shy, give us a call and we can help a part of our community, you!

Tech Support Georgetown

Why are pop up at the back? Pop-up ads are a scam. They pop up on your computer with a juicy link, or a scary warning, not to mention they are also just annoying. Even just clicking the X at the top corner, could be pressing and accepting a virus in your computer. They take advantage of people’s kindness and trust. You can have your information stolen and even identity theft. Luckily with Click Computers; tech support Georgetown, we are here to protect you. We offer an amazing PPP protection. Not only to protect yourself, but also to protect the family.

We have over 45 years of experience! We work to serve our community. Our PPP plan helps against pop-ups, hackers, identity theft, viruses, fraud, and so much more. RPP. Plan is back with a 1 million compensation guaranteed. We have an amazing customer service live representative. Open 24 seven, and they will work with you day or night to resolve the issue. Our protection plan not only protects you, has backups of all your digital keepsakes. So for any reason your phone, computer, or tablet goes missing, you know that you have everything backed up.

A bonus that tech support Georgetown offers, is there lost wallet service. In the event that your wallet is lost or stolen, our protection will cause or cancel any and all debit, credit, and personal information. We also have our hotline open 24 seven, so you will never worry about having to wait until Monday. We have yearly plans for one person to a whole family. We also want to make this cost efficient for everyone, so even have them broken down to monthly plans. So just for a little over a dollar a day, you can protect your entire family. We are a team of incredibly talented and skilled technicians. Contact us for today for information right now!  If you have questions, call us now.

What about our company, is that we have an honest mission and strong core values. We believe in getting back to our community, just like they’ve given back to us. We have won the “best and Georgetown” Gold reward and computer repairs. We believe in what we do, and we left to help. They always have a live customer service representative, that can help you with any and all that you need to have. We believe in making a personal yet professional relationship with all of our clients. So you know who we are and know you’re in good hands. We always do our work with the best quality, also in a timely manner. We are not finished until your hundred percent satisfied with our work. Tech support Georgetown, looks forward to working with you.

If you have any questions or concerns, or you want to come get a quote, meet us at our website. Our website is Or if you prefer to talk to us their phone, you’re always welcome to. Our phone number is (512)868-9105. Look forward to hearing from you, and being able to protect you from the dangers of the unknown.