Did you know that Click Computers; tech support Georgetown, three extensive test on your computer as soon as it’s checked in? The purpose of this test is to identify any issues that could cause data loss, hardware damage, software, and viruses. And we can work at stopping any further damage. We do a lot of different testing done, to really narrow down the problem. Starting with Iran and memory testing, hard drive diagnostics, pre-scans, short and long drives self-test, and many more. If once all the tests are completely still cannot find an issue, your computer will be handed off to one of our IT technicians. They will do additional testing and evaluations.

Tech support Georgetown offers an amazing protection plan. The PPP plan, has secure connection software, anti-malware and antivirus, comprehensive backups; which include phones, computers, tablets, by annual checkups, and identity protection. This protection protects you against hackers, viruses, identity theft, tech-support scams, all forms of electronic close fraud. Our goal is to keep you and your information safe and protected. Click Computers, protects you from ever accidentally clicking on a scam, or having your information stolen. Our PPP plan has a 1 million compensation guarantee. We also have a resolution team ready to help you 24/7. We will help keep you protected.

One of the best parts of our PPP plan, as it has backups of all and any information. As evening digital keepsakes. In case you lose a physical copy of the phone, computer, or tablets, we’ve got you covered. Our recovery service hotline is always open and ready to help. Even in situations where, while is lost or stolen. We will pause or even cancel credit cards, debit cards, and personal information. We have family plans and individual plans. No hidden fees, you know what our yearly rate is before you even sign up. We want to make this affordable for everyone, so we even allow a cheaper monthly rate, opposed to our yearly rate.

We have over 45 years of experience, located all over central Texas. We are an honest company that just wants to get your devices running properly again. We have great customer service, a live representative to help you with any of your needs. We have an honest mission and strong core values. We want to give back to our community just like they have given back to us. We don’t just help residential services, we also have business services available to First time customers and veterans receive 10% off! You can trust our team to deliver quality and knowledge.

If you have any questions or concerns, or you want to contact us about getting a quote, please contact us on our website. Our website is clickcomputers.biz. Or if you gotta talk to us by cell phone, our phone number is (512)868-9105. Tech support Georgetown, cannot wait to talk to you, create a professional and personal relationship. We believe in what we do will help you believe in us too.

Tech Support Georgetown

Trying to find an efficient body temperature thermometer for your business? Have you thought about a elevated body temperature camera? Click Computers; the best tech support Georgetown, offers this insanely cool elevated body to put your camera. This camera instantly tracks the temperature of everyone entering a business. This is a very hands on camera. You will note the temperature of any and everyone walks into your business. It is automatic detection. You’ll receive a text message or an email if any person is out of the set range. A notification will go directly to your cell phone the picture of the individual, so you can immediately take action. One of the best parts? You do not have to pay someone to stand at the door and check temperatures.

We have over 45 years of experience! All veterans, and first time customers receive 10% off! Click Computers offers an abundance of different things. From free computers, phones, all the way to security awareness and cybersecurity training. They are located in central Texas, but some of our services, we will reach out to the entire state. Did you know there was a bill passed, that stated that certain jobs required security awareness and cybersecurity training? I did this a few things that we offer. We will travel to your site and teach your team. We’ll try to make it less enjoyable we can however it is only 90 minutes, with a small state test at the end.

We understand that you have to replace your office computers every couple years otherwise, the act very slow and you want as much work done in the office. That’s why we are offering free computers to all new businesses! There’s brand-new, off the line, great quality Dell computer. if they have five employees or 500 employees, we will provide free computers to everyone. The only thing we ask in return, it’s your business. We want to be the people that you call for your IT help.

We are an honest company with a strong mission. We have honest core values! We love and want to be in our community, and we want to give back to our community. Because they have given back to us. We want to get you back in business as quick as we can, we are not here to take our time. We understand that time is money. Therefore, we will be honest and blunt with our diagnostics. We will not try to sell you anything that is unnecessary. If you need answers to your questions, the best thing you can do is call and get a quote.

If you have any questions or concerns, or you just want to get a quote, feel free to contact us our website. I website is computer website. Or if you’d rather contact us by phone, he always welcomed. Our phone number is (512)868-9105 or go to www.clickcomputers.biz. We have a live customer service representative, and they are amazing. We look forward to talking to you, making a professional and personal relationship.