Something that we, the Tech Support Georgetown believe here at click computers is the fact that we can give you protection and protection that matters and when we give you that we understand that you have to sign up for her, when you sign up for it then just know that there will be no hidden fees, and you know exactly how much you are going to be paying for and once you pay for just know that we allow a cheaper monthly rate opposed to our yearly rate, that is both affordable and will make you happy. This is what we call our PPP plan and it has backups of all and any a affirmation. In case you is a physical copy of the phone, computer or tablet just know that we’ve got you covered for whatever it. As long as you get it through us our protection plan will be there for you

we, the Tech Support Georgetown want to be able to give every single service to you that we can offer then gives you the satisfaction that we want you to have. We want you to be secure and we want your business to thrive with all of our services that we are going to be protecting with and maintaining you with an the building for your company so that you can be the best business possible. Once you go through us you don’t have to worry about being there, just know that when you call us we know what we are doing and when we are doing it we are expeexperts of our craft with more than 45 years of collective experience in our small locally owned business that we’ve had since.

we, the Tech Support Georgetown deal with computer upgrades, network upgrades, server building, and anything in cybersecurity that’ll give you the protection that you need in this technological area that is both important and efficient. We are patient and we have the best tech support that’ll deliver the best experience that you have to offer. We guarantee that and we will constantly work for that amazing experience. we are located all over Central Texas and we will drive out to you on site if you do not want to go remotely with us.

we want to be able to give back to our community that is given back to us, we offer computers for free for any company that has employees ranging from 5 to 500 people and we will give them free computers to their workstations, and the first time you go through our services, with the diagnostic service we will give you 10% off the hourly rate and we guarantee this because we value you and we want your business.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns then feel free to reach out to us at our website and if you would like to reach us on the phone then go ahead and reach us on our phone at 512-868-9105. We want to be able to sit down with you and have the opportunity to make your business the best business it can be with upgrading each and every bit of your technology to the best of its ability so that you can have the amazing future that you need.

Tech Support Georgetown

here at click computers, the Tech Support Georgetown would believe in transparency and in doing so whenever you sign up with us, you know exactly what you’re signing up for. When you sign up with us then we will give you 10% off our first diagnostic whether it be on-site or remote. Whenever you sign up with us we will competitively match everyone in the area, and if you choose to go on-site with us then we will travel anywhere in taxes and to get to your business and work with you and give you the satisfaction you need. We guarantee this.

for example, our PPP plan is there to protect anything that you purchase through us, the Tech Support Georgetown whether it be a piece of hardware or software or any service that we do for you. We have a $1 million compensation guarantee and we have a resolution team that is readily available around the clock. We pride ourselves on being readily available and giving you the fastest responses at any IT service can give you. we are an hones Wcompany with honest values and we want to be able to give you the understanding that you deserve for the best money and the best service. Our people have 45 years of collective experience and we want to be able to constantly evolve that to match the needs of all of our clients that we have and will serve in the future.

time is money, so that whenever you hire us, the Tech Support Georgetown out for a job just know that we can do our job to the best of our ability and that we are trained professionals and that you can continue to focus on your career and your company while you can have ease of mind knowing that we are there doing everything in our power to help make this a reality for you. from free computers, phones and all the way over to security awareness and cybersecurity training, we offer it all here in central Texas but some of our services will also reach out to the entire state.

help be a part of our mission and letting eyes do the work for you and being a part of the satisfaction that we know we can offer you and that we can guarantee you. You deserve that piece of mind you deserve the now thatwe are transparent and we offer the greatest offers and greatest prices that any of our competitors around will offer. We offer an insanelyGray package known as our free computers where we get free computers to any company as long as it has between 5 to 500employees in the company. We will give them free computers for each of their workstations.

go ahead and reach out to us and set up an appointment with us today or you can reach us by phone at 512-868-9105. we hope to be a part W your business today and that we can sit down with you and find out what it takes to make your business work.