These past few years, has made us had to adjust to a lot of different things. Click Computers can make it just a little more easier. Tech support Georgetown offers a instant temperature check of all people entering your business. You don’t have to pay anyone to stand there and take temperatures anymore, it is a camera that is all for you. After the camera is installed, you will know every body temperature of anyone that walks in the door immediately. It automatically detects bodies and automatically sends notifications out. If you do have an employee, staff member, or customer, who does have temperatures outside of the normal range, you will be instantly notified. With an email, text message, and a photo of them, you’ll be able to take the correct measurements. In order to tell them of their conditions and keep everyone safe.

Click Computers is a trustworthy company, with over 45 years of experience. All veterans, first time customers, and on-site customers will all have 10% off service. We offer an abundant amount of services all the way from complementary IT assessments to fraud, and missing wallet protection. We also offered trainings. Some trains we offer is security awareness and cybersecurity training; in regards to the HB 3834 Texas state bill that was passed. The offer, do at your own pace classes online. Or we will come to your sites, and teach your employees. It only takes about 90 minutes, and we try to do it the most fun weekend.

We also offer free computers to all businesses; in the center Texas region, and have more than five employees. All that we ask for in return, is your business. We believe that we can be best, most efficient, most personal, IT support Georgetown. We care for our clients and we are not done with the job until they are satisfied. With the Tech Support Georgetown support you will get things done faster and safer.

We are an honest company with strong values. We believe in working quick and efficiently because your downtime is our downtime. We have a lot of core values; those are: having personal relationships with our clients, insured to bring the best service available, be honest and blunt with our appraisals and assessments, we are not going to overcharge you for any or find any unnecessary service. We believe in getting back to our community, because they always get back to us.

We provide amazing customer service! We only believe in and have a live customer service representative. That coincides with us being personal. And they will provide the best customer service. We also get to know your personal technician that will come out and help you with any tech support needs you have. Tech support Georgetown also will call Landon – check how happy you are with our services. If you have any questions concerns, or you want to find a quote, please reach out to our website. Our website is or call (512)868-9105. Or if you would rather talk on the phone, I phone number is company found. We look forward to talking to you in building a relationship with you and your business.

Tech Support Georgetown

HB 3834 is a security awareness training certification is now required by state law. It requires all state and local government officials to pass a security awareness training test. Click Computers; tech support Georgetown: offers an amazing class for you to take. We actually offer two classes there is a one do at your own pace class, online. And then are others class is, we will come to you on-site, and present the class to you. It takes roughly 90 minutes to complete, and there is a short quiz at the end. Afterwards we will give you certifications of every employee that has passed, and then you can turn those into the state. Although that training is not that bad, we try to make it the most fun weekend.

Click Computers take the training very seriously, and we offer this training all over the state, not just where were likely stationed. Tech support Georgetown has over forty five years of experience! Right now, we are giving out free computers to all businesses in center Texas areas. All we ask in return is for your business. We can provide you with strong IT support. They are in honest company, who loves our community. Try to get back to the community as much as possible, because they know that they give them back to us. We also offer free business phones, complementary free IT assessments, and a lot more services.

First time customers, on-site clients, and veterans all will receive 10% off. We are in honest company with a strong mission, and core values. Our values are to keep it personal, and professional. We believe that our clients should have a personal relationship with us, therefore they will receive the best IT support they can get. We believe in being honest with our prices, not to price gouge and not to charge any unnecessary equipment or services. And we believe in keeping our work quick, yet efficient. Your downtime is our downtime. That’s why we work fast and efficiently to get any IT support you need finished. He will not leave nor finish the job until your hundred percent satisfied with our work!

We also have an amazing customer service. We believe in having a live customer service representative ready to take your phone calls and give you quality service. Tech support Georgetown, offers a lot of different services. We also have testimonials on our website, and they really show the type of work, and relationships we have with our clients. We really want the best for you all.

If you have any questions or concerns, where you would like to submit the request for a quote, please contact us to our site. Our site is Or if you’d rather talk on the phone to a live representative, with great customer service. Our phone number is (512)868-9105. We look forward to getting to know you and your company estimation point.