Don’t let the bag guys with peers get your people train on how to beat the hackers. This includes education in cyber security.. The team at Click Computers of Central Texas is your source for your security awareness training Texas that is required from HB3834 Texas today in person session with one of our certified trainers. We will help your team to recognize computer hackers in ritz that they go through on a daily basis for this your orders from being taken advantage of by computer hackers. Will come to your office train your employees in a way that they can understand.

We speak Texan because we are to from born in Texas. We live in Texas, and we will die, by God’s grace, in Texas. So we know how to relate to Texans. Computer security does not have to be confusing here. We don’t have to talk down to you to get the education to help her bed your organization from getting by the bath and security awareness training and certification.

It Support Georgetown Starburst Dir Cybersecurity Training

HB3834 Texas is a must if you want your offices To be able to weather the storm for your and the hacker for coming to death but that they take so don’t let go get the training that is needed from HB3834 Texas. Our Texas base come to your offices in train your teen on what to look for and hausberg bits crackers from getting your formation causing you problems.

We will travel to:

Williamson County
Travis County
Llano County
Burnet County
Bell County
Lampasas County
Bastrop County
Blanco County
Hayes County
Caldwell County
Mcleannan County

Cities that we will travel to and more:

Georgetown, TX
Austin, TX
Round Rock, TX
Pflugerville, TX
Hutto, TX
Cedar Park, TX
Liberty Hill, TX
Bertrum, TX
Burnett, TX
Lampassas, TX
Temple, TX
Killeen, TX
Harker Heights, TX
Copperas, TX
Belton, TX
Slado, TX
Jarrel, TX
Leander, TX
Taylor, TX
Rockdel, TX
Hordel, TX
Cameron, TX
Loreana, TX
Waco, TX
Crawford, TX

Most problems that are caused by hackers can not be prevented by income virus software or fire all or any sort of technology. Boys behind the keyboard are the ones the nearly always opens the door to the bag guys. So we need to teach your team how to identify the bad guys in preventing the bad guys from getting your information. This isn’t a hard concept to understand. We think security is typically pretty simple. Good guys can do what they want to but a lot of times we get taken advantage of so we need the training from HB3834 Texas to help your team weather the storm.

Security Awareness Training Certification Texas is a must for modern offices when local governments. This is not just another bureaucratic requirement training. This is a must who doesn’t want that have a bad guy living among us.

Call Click Computers of Central Texas today to have one of our team members come over to your office and teach your users in an effective and fun way to make the bad guys have a bad day Your IT team cannot have to deal with the hackers play computers of single Texas is a born and bred Texas company that believes that Texans helping Texans is the way for a better life.

If so let our team of security professionals help your team of Texas beat world of hackers your Security Awareness Training Certification is the best world allow your teen to get back to work and not have to worry about those ugly hackers causing you problems on a daily basis.

The state of Texas has undergone a lot of happy over the last 12 months. Because of this Bay had instituted the requirements in HB3834 Texas to help prevent hackers from home and I worked image to the state of Texas. Your organization and probably already employ a lot of computer security tools that are typically very expensive.

These tools are anti virus software, anti-malware software firewalls email filters Web filters all sorts indeed the trainer said you’re users from doing things in caused problems for your government office however just because we have a lot of technology in the office doesn’t mean that you can do just anything worth on the Internet or on your computer.


The house bill 3834 know that why well without changing your offices are going to be and kindness of security loopholes.

Over 90% of computer hacking is a direct result of users clicking on or doing something they shouldn’t have been well on the Internet or on there is sometimes packers will even call you on the phone in go under what’s called social engineer this is very tricky. Because texans are nice people we always try to help each other. And we don’t know when we’re talking to a bag guy so how do you identify when you’re talking to one of these ugly hackers.

Well the team from Click Computers of Central Texas will help your teen of government employees know when they are talking To the bag guys here. Could computers of central Texas will help your team of government and please learn what to look for when it comes to Internet hackers and bag guys on the Internet.

You never know who you’re talking to a what you’re clicking but there are always signs in things to look for a computer hacker.. HB3834 Texas is the requirement for all Texas and state and local officers Security Awareness Training Certification Texas this might sound like no fun; however, this is a requirement from the state of Texas and a good thing for your organization to go there’s every year.