Security Awareness Training Certification Texas | Safe PC Habits?

What are some recommended or safe PC habits? Keep your PC up-to-date at all times (in all areas) The best protection against current threats is updating your software – whether it be Windows itself, or your protection software, updates are one of the most recommended safeguards against threats of all kinds.  Another important thing is Security Awareness Training Certification Texas to comply with HB3834 Texas

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Despite the annoyance of Windows updates, these are highly critical for maintaining security of your system – Microsoft works diligently to create patches and other fixes which remedy loopholes and other security concerns that are found. Newer versions of Windows allow you to postpone updates for a short period, but will not allow you to cancel them completely – and again, this is for good reason. 

Security Awareness Training Certification Texas is the best way to keep safe and to pass HB3834 Texas. Security software needs updating as well – this includes any antivirus or anti-malware software you use. These updates are usually pushed out weekly, if not more quickly (sometimes every day). These companies usually have teams of people trying to pinpoint new infections and security concerns, so these updates are highly critical and could keep you from picking up a newly created infection that is not “common” yet. 

Perform Regular System Scans

Most protection software is set up to run on a schedule by default, but you need to make sure this is the case or else you could be highly susceptible to infections. You can check this by opening your installed protection software and looking at the scan schedule. You can also perform manual scans at any time you feel there is a concern by opening the software and prompting it to begin the scan. Deep/full scans could take many, many hours, whereas quick scans usually take 5-15 minutes (this can vary depending on the amount of data present on your system). Security Awareness Training Certification Texas is a must for all government entities according to HB3834 Texas.


Most all of the infections we see at Click Computers are from a user allowing malicious software access to the PC themselves – knowing what to click on, what to avoid and how to handle unknowns, is the most important recommendation to keep your PC safe. 

Security Awareness Training Certification Texas is a great way to stay educated.  Call the experts at Click Computers to get your required HB3834 Texas ceritication.

Most malware-type/adware/spyware infections we see are related to unwanted browser “extensions” – an extension is a small piece of software that is added to your web browsing program which offers some added benefit (or is supposed to). Typical extensions used are for ad blocking, cookie management, graphical changes, etc. Some of these extensions are not harmful, but others will cause unwanted changes, such as changing your homepages, changing your search engines, and causing webpage redirects (webpages other than desired will load when searching).  

Create Strong Passwords

Despite the annoyance of long, complex passwords, this is another highly recommended best practice – creating “strong” passwords. Most new account sign-ups require a combination of special characters, numbers, and lower- and upper-case characters – this can be more difficult to remember, but it makes the password much more difficult to “crack” by hackers. A lot of accounts are compromised by software that guesses passwords repeatedly, which is much easier to do when the password is basic. Security Awareness Training Certification Texas is a good way to keep safe and to make the state of Texas happy with HB3834 Texas. 

Creating different passwords for accounts is also recommended. Maintaining one common password across multiple accounts may be easier, but again, this is NOT recommended. All it takes is one account to be compromised before the rest are accessed as well – hackers can begin plugging your email and password into bank, email, or financial websites and see if it grants them access.

Perform Regular Backups

System and file backups can turn a possibly catastrophic issue into something that is easily remedied, and with very little downtime. 

Security Awareness Training Certification Texas is the training that your government entities needs to comply with HB3834 Texas.

Backups can be performed locally, such as to a USB drive, or online (in the “cloud”).  A backup process of some form is highly recommended, especially with the current trend of “ransomware” infections which steal (and encrypt) your data and hold it hostage. 

Cloud backup options offer some benefit in the fact that they are usually mirrored or duplicated in some way – usually these companies provide fail-safe recovery for a multitude of possible issues, even things like natural disasters that could affect their storage locations. Cloud backups usually cost more than performing a local backup, but they are more care-free and, again, offer some form of disaster recovery in the case the original copy of your data is harmed in some way. Security Awareness Training Certification Texas stay safe get HB3834 Texas.

The choice of backup solution is ultimately up to the user, but keep in mind that local storage of any kind can fail (flash drives, external hard drives, SD cards, etc). Some of these devices offer very little recovery ability once they fail, so your data could be lost if issues were to arise. Due to this, some users create multiple copies of their backups and place them in different areas to protect against failure or physical damage.

Call the experts at Click Computers to get your Security Awareness Training Certification Texas that is required for all government entities according to HB3834 Texas.  We have over 30 years of IT security and cyber-security expertise. We are here to get your HB3834 Texas training so that you can pass Security Awareness Training Certification Texas.

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