Are you in need of a thermometer in order to check in employees or your customers? Have you had to stop what you’re doing, to go see if someone had a high temperature? What here at Click Computers, we work side-by-side with round rock tech support. We offer elevated body temperature cameras. They check your temperature instantly, and anyone else who walks into business. You’ll feel better knowing that you can keep your staff and customers safe. Some benefits of this camera is; you don’t need to pay someone stand at the door and fix temperatures, the conditioning more productive now. It has an immediate detection and knows immediately of the body temperature is. If someone is out of the normal range not only will you receive an email, you also receive a text message and a photo of that person. And then you know who you can go to take the next proper measurement.

Last offer an abundance of other services for our businesses. Things such as; security awareness and cybersecurity training. Also through round rock tech support, we offer, brand-new, never used, fast, and free computers, and business phones to all businesses in the local area. All we ask in return, it’s for your business with our IT support. The also offer residential services as well. Things like a nine test diagnostic service, or an 11 point complementary assessment, or protection plans over computer backups lost or stolen and wallet services. We are a local and personal business. We are homegrown honest business.

We believe in giving back to our community, because the community has given back to us. We are located in central Texas, and all of our veterans can receive 10% off. I have over 45 years of experience we offer a lot of different services. We have an honest mission and strong core values. Our mission is to not just give you the quality of service but also to give you the fastest service possible. We; as well as rock round tech support believe that downtime is money lost. We are not trying to have you lose any money.

We have an amazing customer service. We have a live representative ready to take her phone call. I first time customers and on-site clients was a 10% off. I core values are being honest and direct about what services cost, we will never have you paid for service you don’t need. We also keep our relationships personal. We believe in a personal relationship we can offer you a better experience with Click Computers. And lastly we are only done with our work when you are hundred percent satisfied.

If you have any questions or concerns about Round Rock Tech Support, or you want to get a quote please contact us on our website. Our site is You can also contact us by phone, Our phone number is 512-868-9105. We look forward to hearing from you! And working with you, your family, and your business!

Round Rock Tech Support

Short for information technology, and without it we would not have any advancements, or security. Here at Click Computers, round rock tech support, we offer an amazing protection plan. If over 45 years of experience. Our PPP protection plan helps against identity fraud security protection software, extensive backups, scams, and any sort of electronic fraud. We have plans for both yourself, or your family. For a little over a dollar a day you can protect you and your family. This protection plan also helps you if your wallet is lost or stolen. We will take care everything, even canceling of your credit cards debit cards and personal information.

If your computer or anything is ever slow are you feel like it is broken, we can always bring it and have a nine step testing diagnostic. The problem still is not fixed we will give it to an experienced technician until we find out the issue. All of our veterans receive 10% discount and any first time customized for on-site clients will also receive 10% off we also offer business services such as security awareness and cybersecurity training. Work with round rock tech support, in order to get free computers and business phones to all businesses and the local area. All we ask for is your business back! Will I be able to provide for you and amazing IT support experience.

We are a homegrown business with Round Rock Tech Support and we have grown our community. Our goal is to get back to our community, because we know they had given back to us. We have an honest mission and strong core values. Our mission is to not waste time. That means that will be quick and efficient in all repairs and maintenance is we do. We know that your downtime is less money, and we don’t believe in that. Our core values our; will be honest and direct about our pricing and the repairs we believe needs to be done. we are not going to price any extra or unnecessary repairs, or equipment. We also believe in keeping our relationship with our clients personal. We believe that gives you the best customer service we can offer. And also we are not done until you are fully satisfied with the job. We stand by our work and we believe you should too.

We have an amazing customer service! We have a live customer service representative, ready to take your calls and answer any questions you may have! Sign up for our protection plan, you have our recovery service hotline available to you, for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We have so many testimonies on our website, they are our clients and our community. It really shows the type of relationship and respect we have for each other in the kind of work we do.

If you have any questions or concerns, or you’d like to find a quote for service, feel free to hit us up on a website. Our website is Or if you’d rather talk to us by telephone. Our telephone number is 512-868-9105. We look forward to meeting with you and creating a relationship with you, your family, and your business.