At click computers, IT Support Georgetown our mission is very simple it is to provide fast, responsive, quality computer support, repair and maintenance. to do this it comes with a hefty toll. In today’s age technology is constantly advancing and the demand for technology is even greater. Everybody around us is in need of a computer for some sort of activity whether it be for their schoolwork for further business. however, we understand that other people do not have the means to have computers readily available to them. That is where we come in. we offer free computers to those that are eligible and we pride ourselves on giving new businesses and new business owners the chance to get their hands on a computer that could change their life and grow their business from the very start.

Let’s talk about why we, the IT Support Georgetown need to give free computers away and how to do it. Well for starters, we want computers because we want your business. However, that is really no catch. Understanding that there is a need for technology is exactly what were doing this. If you are an office of 5 to 500, then we will actually give you a computer completely for free no catch. and we stand behind this. This may actually sound too good to be true that we are not lying at all. We want to have your business and we want you to be happy with our business.

these computers are very good as well posting processor such as an i5 processor, 8GB of memory an Windows 10 professional. this puts you right on the path to do what you need it is to be done with you and your business. not only that but if you are also an office ranging from employees from 5 to 500, we the IT Support Georgetown won’t just give you every computer but we will give each employee is workstation a free computer. we are excited to give you this news and we will continue to stand buy it for as long as we have been in business.

in fact that is one thing that we pride ourselves on what we do, we stand by everything we do and if you’re not satisfied then will have to make it right. It is simply a habit of ours. West and by everything we do, and that goes along with giving you the opportunity to give us your business so we can give you the opportunity to put you on the path to having a computer for each and every one of your employees. It’s that simple.

Our staff have a combined 45 years of IT experience and we are continuously growing and evolving with the technological advances of the day so we can give you the best and most quality experience when it comes to knowing what it is that you and your business need to do. You will be happy and excited to know that we will have your back and every step of the way and we will continue to do that. We stand by it. if you have any questions and feel free to reach us at or if you would like to call us and you can reach us at 512-868-9105.

IT Support Georgetown

one thing that sets us, the IT Support Georgetown apart from other IT companies is that we have many years of experience when it comes to IT experience. Boasting 45+ years experience and IT, we can make you happy with what we can offer you when it comes to helping you fix, maintain, or build your technology that you need for your business. We have an extensive background and military and we believe in discipline, initiative, and work ethic. we let this be the pillars of our business.

we, the IT Support Georgetown started in 2004 by enterprising young man who wanted to build a career in computers and help the world navigate the constantly evolving world of that technological age. We believe that this is very important and we have made it our job since 2004 to make this a possibility for every single one of the people in the world to have the opportunity two delve into the world of technology. This is why we Offer free computers to new businesses that are just starting out because it is so important in the world that you have to have it.we believe that it is our responsibility and giving others opportunity like this.

we, the IT Support Georgetown believe that we have clients and not customers. We believe that calling them customers is too impersonal and we want them to know that we want to build a relationship with them before we help them. we don’t sell you anything that you don’t need or can’t afford. And we are always offering competitive prices for the best experience that you are going to experience with letting us help you. you will truly be excited about working with us. we have expanded in areas such as remote support, IT consulting and network management. We believe in hard work and we believe that this is a reflection of that.

we believe in constantly showing hard work and outstanding customer service and we have even been awarded the coveted best in Georgetown Gold award and computer repair for eight years. this is something that we are truly proud of and we hope to add more to the name for many years on. you will truly be excited that we can show you this expertise that we have throughout ice helping you be a part of the technologiic calera that we are in. let us be a part of your business so we can watch you grow and sustain yourself after giving you the experience that you will not forget without many years of IT experience.

if you have any questions and feel free to reach out to us at, and there you can read a detailed log explanation of each one of our services, who we are, our mission statement, and setting up an appointment to talk with one of us about what it takes for us to help you and get a computer to you in each and every one of your employees. If you would like to call us and feel free to reach out to us by calling us at 512-868-9105.